A comparison between cannabis sativa and cannabis indica

A thicket of wild cannabis in IslamabadPakistan.

A comparison between cannabis sativa and cannabis indica

Non-Hispanic whites make up 63 percent of the U. Please tell me this is now all cleared up for you. Todd Mears I know I am late to this game, but this thread just made me feel smarter. Hmmmm, seems like a majority to me. Prior to the new acceptance, only whites in Western Europe, North America, and anyone who could pass with blonde hair or blue eyes could claim this race.

Why those specifications have recently changed to include people who would otherwise be considered non-white is debatable. He seems to have an issue with the word majority.

Hey bemis, it would still be a majority if it was 26 states that in some way legalized marijuana. WHY oh why you ask? Because 26 will always be bigger than 24!

Feb 11,  · Welcome to Cannabis Cannabis is broken down into one of three categories: indica, sativa, or hybrid. Make sure you understand what each category's attributes and effects. Cannabis has two main types: Indica and Sativa strains. Indicas have a sedating effect on the body. Whereas, Sativas have you cerebral, energising effect. To help you understand the Indica vs Sativa debate, Herb presents the complete guide to their uses, effects, and origins. APPENDIX. R. v. CLAY and PRENTICE. ADDENDUM TO THE JUDGMENT OF McCART J. DATED AUGUST 14, CANNABIS COMMISSION REPORTS A summary of the potential harms & benefits.

Or anything below 24 all the way to 1 would not be a majority. However, in this instance 29 is a majority of states. You can not change facts. Good luck on that next 8th grade language arts exam.

I may have just answered a question that you will never get wrong for the remainder of your life. Steven Like what Dale said, ask your doctor for a recommendation since he had shown signs of increased appetite from using marijuana.

Also, If you live in a state where marijuana is legal on a medical level, go to a licensed marijuana doctor and tell them that you need a marijuana card for cancer.

Vapes allow you to control how much you smoke. You can take half a hit or 5 hits … whatever your tolerance. There is nothing like the taste of fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning, just as if you nipped some fresh buds off a plant, dried them, and enjoyed that fresh squeezed orange juice at the same time.

The two will bring it all together.

Indica vs. Sativa Effects: What Does the Research Say?

It takes time to find what works best. When I asked at the dispensary which type of flowers were used to make them, they did not know.

I just smoked some medical-grade Presidential OG, an Indica. I feel energized and uplifted with no sedation whatsoever. It looks the part of an indica with its tightly compacted buds and pungent skunky smell, but the high is more in line with a sativa or hybrid. As with all medications and supplements, pot affects people differently.

This is why some folks can smoke blunts all day and remain chill while others have a 3-hour panic attack after a single hit. Generalizing is what leads to trouble. As helpful as it is to learn about weed, we should also be looking within the human body and brain to figure out what accounts for these differences in effects.

Or is it because people take a generalization as fact, which would be their own fault. Is the answer to just tell people: If I have a busy day plan, I would enjoy a Sativa.

But mixed is best.

Cannabis Indica

Even some of their police officers were buying bud from myself or my other friend who is one of the four. Our government has for way too long kept this from the people because some old fart back in the sixties thought this was the same as LSD.

A comparison between cannabis sativa and cannabis indica

Wake up government, not even close. I would rather smoke pot any day than drink. I was so excited that Florida has approved Medical Marijuana!Jul 30,  · This strain in pure form has a higher concentration of THC in comparison to its ratio of CBD.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis Sativa. Both Sativa and Indica have medical benefits but both have different effects on its users/5(19).

A comparison between cannabis sativa and cannabis indica

What are auto-flowering cannabis seeds? Auto-flowering seeds are not light dependent for flowering. They germinate, shoot up a few leaves and start setting flowers, without you fussing over their light schedules.. Huh. That’s weird. How did that come about? All auto-flowering seeds are the result of crossing our well-known and much loved Sativa and Indica .

Indica and sativa are the two main types of cannabis. Each has its own unique effects and a distinctive high. Cannabis is one of the oldest crops known to mankind, with records of its cultivation dating back thousands of years.

Today, it is widely accepted that marijuana has two main species. Active ingredients of cannabis. The medicinal and psychoactive effects of marijuana are caused by chemical structures called cannabinoids.

CBD, CBN, THC and many. Feb 11,  · Welcome to Cannabis Cannabis is broken down into one of three categories: indica, sativa, or hybrid. Make sure you understand what each category's attributes and effects. Few cannabis-related questions create as much controversy and discussion as “What is hemp oil vs.

CBD oil?” The confusion stems from the use of the word “hemp” to refer to the type of marijuana that is used for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Sativa vs Indica; Know the Major Differences [GUIDE]