A discussion on the industrialization of weapons during the industrial revolution

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A discussion on the industrialization of weapons during the industrial revolution

A discussion on the industrialization of weapons during the industrial revolution

As time evolves, so must the lifestyles we as a society lead. This was no different during the industrial revolution in Britain and France. Throughout this paper I will begin to discuss how the impact of industrialization effected the switch in labor from domestic to factory, the new role of the mother in an industrialized family and the issue of education in the lives of ordinary people, as discussed in the memoirs we have read in class.

One of the main effects of industrialization was the switch in labor from the women working at home in a domestic environment to that where her labor brought in wages to the family.

Throughout her story, she tells of how through the ability of her and her sister being able to work, they were able to support the family while her father was infirm. Without this opportunity, the family may have been put out onto the streets. With the women now being able to earn wages out of the home, the role of the mother greatly changed within the home of the industrialized family.

He wanted to make us hard workers rather than gentlemen and ladies, and in this he did right. We have also learned form this era that when women moved to factories, newborn children no longer had the opportunity to reside with the mother. Infants were sent off to a wet nurse, so that the women could return to work as soon as possible after the birth.

This brings me to my final point of the issue of education in the industrial revolution. It seems that throughout the memoirs the common theme is that labor was valued over education.

Most children had no education at all and went to the factory as soon as they were able, while children who had a little schooling rarely went beyond the third grade.

It is shown here that girls were not inferior to boys and were just as capable in school. This did nothing for the stigma that was already set on women.

Obviously, the emphasis was placed on manual labor during this revolution, for it brought in money that the family may so desperately need. The industrial revolution placed the ordinary worker into a mirade of new, enterprising, and yet sometimes compromising situations.

Workers were faced with new problems, but also with opportunities that had never been available before. It is through their struggle that we are the society we know today.

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