A history and the importance of the holy quran for the islam faith

MashAllah Meditation has a rich and very important history in Islam.

A history and the importance of the holy quran for the islam faith

By Shabana on June 9, Many Centuries ago, the world was different from the present. Yet our ancestors were intelligent enough to save everything in writing. Their language also evolved with time, making their efforts null and their period as mysterious as themselves.

There was a period in history where there was birth of many new religions. Most of those religions may be minority followings till present. But the two main religions which changed the face of the world were Christianity and Islam. Among both of these, Islam is said to be the oldest.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when there is a mention of Islam? The fewer but grandly celebrated festivals, the elaborate but antique mosques and the name of Allah on the load speakers across the country at the time of the mandatory adhaan.

Some foodies may also picture scrumptious delicacies such as various Biryanis and kebabs which are so widely consumed by all.

Islam also brings about a lot of negative thoughts in people as well. Like every religious, Islam is based on the texts written in the Quran. The Quran is the highest authority in the religion and contains the words of God. Another important power in the religion is the Beloved Prophet Mohammed.

All the sayings of the holy prophet are mentioned in pieces of paper called Hadiths. The Muslims around the world rely on these sayings in order to resolve any matter. In order to know about Islam, the Quran has to be understood.

And this is where the misunderstanding stems. The Quran is extensively written in Arabic which is an ancient language. Though most of the Muslims are taught to read and write the language from an early age, they are often clueless about the meanings of the text they are reading. The Islamic leaders and other people who claim to understand the texts completely and claim that women are supposed to be treated inferior to men etc, is completely wrong.

In fact, Quran repeatedly mentions about the Equality of men and women. There are many other important teachings of Quran which may somewhat help you have a clear understanding of the religion- Important Teachings of Islam- 1 Islam is a peace loving religion.

Beliefs and Sacred Texts

Killing of people under any circumstances is considered to be the biggest sin committed by man. Anyone who has shed the blood of a man is doomed to be burnt in the fires of hell all eternity. Quran mentions about spreading the religion in a strictly non-violent way.

In fact, even murderers are not allowed to be killed as humans and only Allah can do justice.

A history and the importance of the holy quran for the islam faith

According to the Quran, a pious wife is considered to be the biggest wealth in a man's life. Allah is really pleased with a person who treats his wife like a queen. Nowhere in the Quran is mentioned that women are not allowed to drive or vote. In fact, a woman is even allowed to go outside of their houses to earn in order to financially help her husband.

The Quran mentions that anyone who surrenders to the will of Allah will surely be rewarded with the sweet fruits of paradise. The Quran mentions about controlling excess anger and words as these can destroy relationships.

According to the Quran, a man is allowed to marry another woman only if the first wife is mentally or physically unwell. In that case too, her permission is required for the husband to go ahead with the marriage. Good deeds done by a pious man who has no expectations inn return will be rewarded by Allah in a way unimaginable to man.

But he will be judged on the final day based on what he decides to do with these opportunities. Equality is stressed upon in Quran and God commands his followers to treat everyone with respect, even people from other religion.

Be it fasting in the holy Month of Ramadhan or offering Namaz 5 times a day.The history of Quran refers to the oral revelation of the Quran to Islamic prophet Muhammad and its subsequent written compilation into a manuscript.

It spans several decades and forms an important part of early Islamic history. History and Importance of Hadith Methods used by Muhadditheen (Compilers of Ahadith) to ensure the authenticity of Ahadith The compilers of six authentic books applied a very strict criterion in selecting the Ahadith for their books.

In most denominations of Islam, the Quran is used together with hadith to interpret sharia (Islamic) law; thereby emphasizing the importance of faith, accountability, and the belief in each human's ultimate encounter with God.

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Some non-Muslim groups such as Baha'is and Druze view the Quran as holy. THE HISTORY AND IMPORTANCE OF QURAN 1. The Revelation of the Qur’an to the Prophet between the years and • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • With age and growing understanding, the Holy Prophet became more and more disturbed because of the corrupt society around him during the period of darkness.

He often thought of the God of his forefathers, especially Hazrat Ibrahim. The Holy Qurán is the most widely read book in the history of mankind, a source of immense inspiration, guidance and wisdom for millions of Muslims all over the world.

It is the pivotal point of imaan, faith, and integral to the foundations of an Islamic society being the basis of its shariah, Islamic legal injunctions and law. And this is the important aspect about meditation in Islam, is that, it predates revelation, but was useful to Prophet Muhammad.

A history and the importance of the holy quran for the islam faith

At the time that the Prophet was meditating, there was not a revelation that told him to do so, it was a natural reaction to his social/spiritual circumstance.

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