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He is the son of real estate investor Seymour Durst and his wife Bernice Herstein.

Agsd writing a check

That Puppy is one who, while his littermates are quietly napping or playing, is screaming at the top of his lungs. Maybe he hollers after midnight, or bellows in the morning, or has a midday tirade every day? Such a puppy can drive a breeder to distraction. Is That Puppy gassy?

A bloated gassy puppy has a very good reason to vocalize! Pain— Is this puppy in pain or uncomfortable? Is a vet check warranted? Could That Puppy be gassy, or have a stomach ache from weaning, or over eating, or parasites?

agsd writing a check

Does it need a snack? Further, can the puppy rest without being constantly awoken by playful siblings, household noises, nannies or over tending mothers?

If any of the Basic Needs are lacking, addressing those is our starting point. Indeed for skilled and responsible breeders these basic needs are second nature, attended to with great skill, and never lacking.

One can never imagine the volume this wee mite can muster! This is when the train can fly off the tracks. Faced with That Puppy, that loud, loud puppy, breeders try to figure out why. At this point, faced with this difficult puppy we often get distracted and off track because we, even though we know more about puppies than anyone, start to assume that a baby puppy is like a tiny adult dog.

So entrenched is this advice to ignore, that we never question it. We then start to throw out labels, now That Puppy is: But is it really? We must win, right? Labels are so limiting and they can close off how we think about behavior into one narrow road with few solutions.

This offers us no path to resolution.

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This limits us to basically one common answer, IGNORE the puppy or much worse, punish the puppy by squirting it, or tossing a penny can, or scruffing it. Always remember, puppies exhibit behavior as a response to the environment.

How such a young puppy responds is less about high cognitive functioning, learning, and manipulation and more about basic instincts. Puppies are hard wired to respond to distress vocally, this is basic survival advantage stuff.

We literally domesticated dogs so they want to be with us, they are driven to be with us. This instinct combines with breed traits and developmental stages to create a variety of behaviors. When we frame our puppy in this light, we can see a variety of potential solutions before us, so many, instead of few.

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Look for a pattern. Does the fussy behavior occur before meal time? In the middle of the night? Jot down in your litter notebook when the fussy behavior happens and always confirm which puppy is vocalizing.

For example, if a puppy eats and then cries for an hour after, our solution may be in the feeding. The gate to my puppy area, from the busy kitchen, with the visual block closed so my puppies can relax.

agsd writing a check

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