Al marai company

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Al marai company

The Prince struggled to achieve his vision, andin order to strive towards the vision, he guided and encouraged his team. Hence, Almarai soon was able to achieve its vision. The various Agricultural projects were thus, launched in response to the achievement.

Al marai company

Nonetheless, Almarai was able to establish state—of—the—art process for the plants and the modified technology in order to operate the modern technologies in dairy farm of Almarai. Moreover, Almarai headed towards low cost production maintaining the high quality of the products to its consumers.

Thus, in early 90s Almarai proceeded with Al marai company re—engineering of the organization. This re—engineering in response brought decentralization to the company. Moreover, Almarai had diversified its structure from the centralization to the decentralization.

In addition, the first centralization was firstly distributed into five decentralization plants. Nevertheless, another central plant for processing was incorporated in for processing the cheese. InAlmarai was enlisted as the public limited company and it has attained the 70, shareholders by Almarai had further visualization of the diversification incorporating its growth, innovation and geographical expansion as well.

Hence, in order to achieve its target the company implemented different strategies in which the first launch of the bakery was in the year However, Alyoum was launched as the premium brand among the poultry business. However, in response to this, the company raised with the name of International dairy and juice company IDJ.

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According to the latest report of Almarai, in the GCC region delivering of the products has reached to 48, customers report. Moreover, for diversification of the business, Almarai has researched for the infant market. Consequently, it appeared with the joint venture with Mead Johnson Nutrition. Organization structure department structure Almarai has expanded with the centralized structure of the organization.

Moreover, the divisional management is followed by the general manager for the strategic business unit of Almarai. The strategic business unit, however, consists of beverages, bakery, dairy and poultry products separately.

The board of Almarai has developed through the Chairman, Mr. The organization entails full functional audit and an adequate risk management system inside the organization.

Moreover, the remuneration and nomination committee exists in the Almarai divisions as well. SWOT analysis Strengths 1. The population of the country is wide as well. Moreover, the GCC region has also huge utilization of the Cheese and butter.

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Furthermore, for the consumption of juice the market of Almarai also has dominant shares. Cost Leadership Almarai has focused towards lowering its cost. For the purpose of controlling the price of the commodities the Almarai has made advancement to its technologies.

Technological Advancement The company has its packaged product development through the advanced technologies. Moreover, the warehouses of the Almarai are also well equipped. The modification in the process of the dairy production is done through state of the art technologies as well is the differentiation of the Almarai.

Nonetheless, well designed equipments for maintaining the needs of the consumers are also implemented……….

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