An analysis of michael patrick macdonalds all souls

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An analysis of michael patrick macdonalds all souls

Wednesday, July 11, Summer Session 1: We spent the first part of class in and then moved to the library. The goals for the session were to introduce and have students work with 1 rhetorical analysis strategies how do the writer's choices contribute to his purpose?

I've used italics to help you keep track of important concepts from the first session. Then we considered how the book related to your prior experiences and knowledge. Although this might have seemed to be small talk, this opening contributed to our goals by getting us to notice the writer's choices, the memoir's themes, and the relationship those choices and themes have to our own lives.

Rhetorical Analysis Then we went deeper into the concept of rhetorical analysis, a concept that is at the core of AP English Language and Composition.

In small groups pairs or trios students shared preliminary ideas about the "purpose" of MacDonald's book. Before we discussed I introduced three general possibilities for rhetorical purpose: Most writing attempts some combination of all three.

The idea that MacDonald wanted to inform the reader about injustices in Southie came up. Another student thought that the memoir's purpose was to inform the reading by telling the truth about Southie. These ideas--and others--were woven through the rest of the session.

We then discussed some of the techniques that MacDonald used to achieve his purpose. Students seemed to agree that his narrative voice was important. It was suggested that MacDonald used informal, conversation language in the memoir. We then discussed how this choice of language might have contributed to his purpose particularly in relation to "telling the truth about Southie.

I also mentioned that when we talk about language choice we can speak more specifically about syntax sentence structure and type of word choice diction.

Syntax can be simple or complex. Syntax can be conventional or unconventional.

An analysis of michael patrick macdonalds all souls

Diction can be archaic, formal, standard, informal, colloquial, vulgar. These choice affect how a reader experiences a piece of writing. We also talked about MacDonald's characterizations of people and places. For example, Frankie was characterized in a way that led to a certain amount of surprise about his death.

Kevin was characterized in a way that made his death less of a surprise but still moving. MacDonald planted seeds earlier in the book so that the deaths would be moving. Again MacDonald's choices about how he portrayed characters served his larger purpose.

Another choice we discussed was the narrative structure. Why does MacDonald begin and end with the vigil? How does this contribute to his overall purpose? Through this discussion of how the writer's choices contribute to his purpose we also discussed how Aristotle's rhetorical triangle could be used to explain the effectiveness of MacDonald's writing.

Aristotle suggested that there are three main forms of persuasion. As we used discussed the rhetorical strategies used in All Souls important questions emerged. One question was in All Souls what is the relationship between " 1 the injustices, tragedies, and traumas in Southie; 2 the pride Southie residents feels about their neighborhood; 3 the need to tell the truth about what's happening in their neighborhood; and 4 healing from the traumas and improving the neighborhood?

For AP English Language the next question--which I never asked but which you might address in your rhetorical analysis web at the end of the summer--is how do MacDonald's rhetorical strategies contribute to his answer to that question?

If you didn't attend the first session you might begin to address the question in your comment too. I may have used slightly different words on Monday.

We tried to explain the relationship of the word pairs to specific passages in the memoir. For our penultimate activity I asked you to go through your quotation responses and mark places where you would add to your analysis particularly considering the importance of rhetorical analysis how a writer's choices contribute to purpose and the relationship between the individual passages and the book's overall themes how do the parts contribute to the whole.

Finally, I introduced the next book, Omnivore's Dilemma.

An analysis of michael patrick macdonalds all souls

In doing so I encouraged students to pay attention to your food choices at home and in the supermarket. I also encouraged students to visit the farmers market on Thursdays at Stage Fort Park. Sitemap

Your response may be informal but it must thoughtfully relate your careful reading of the memoir with the concepts presented in the summary.

Although you are free to respond to anything in the summary of the first session, you might want to pay particular attention to the italicized passages. I look forward to hearing from you.Teachers' Guide: All Souls: A Family Story from Southie The Michael Faith incident f) The St.

Patrick's Day () antibusing parade; In his memoir All Souls Michael MacDonald reveals many of the "ugly truths" about growing up in "the best place in the world." Choose three to five specific incidents to use as evidence. All Souls: A Family Story From Southie study guide contains a biography of Michael Patrick MacDonald, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major .

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Michael Patrick MacDonald (born March 9, ) is an Irish-American activist against crime and violence and author of his memoir, All Souls: A Family Story From Southie.

He helped to start Boston's gun-buyback program, and founded the South Boston Vigil group, which works with survivor families and young people in Boston’s anti-violence.

Beacon Press: A Teachers' Guide for All Souls