Assignment 4 internet technology marketing and

With the Internet today, you can communicate with loved ones at great distances, to find large amounts of information in a few seconds, to make purchases and pay bills. The Internet gives the ability to find business ideas, browse the news. But on the education such information technology has not very good effect. The indisputable advantage of the Internet on education is that the network offers unlimited opportunities to find information — necessary books, encyclopedic information, scientific articles, a documentary video, etc.

Assignment 4 internet technology marketing and

Email this Article Print This Article A recent study shows how reliant small businesses have become on mobile technology.

And 80 percent of small firms founded less than two years ago use tablets, the survey also showed.

Assignment 4 internet technology marketing and

Customers are becoming more mobile too. Tablets are on the increase with customers too.

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Her company uses tablets to take credit card payments at points of sales and uses social media to let mobile customers know where their truck will be located from day to day. Mobile technology makes sense to Nguyen because her whole business is mobile.

Assignment 4 internet technology marketing and

These include smartphones, PDAs, laptops and tablets. Smartphones and tablets provide mobile sales teams with constant communications and productivity tools including email, internet scheduling and calendars.

Mobile business applications allow teams to do presentations, engage in social collaboration and even prepare invoices. In one instance, a savvy auto mechanic sent out a direct mail piece with a QR code allowing customers to download his mobile app.

In another, a local promotional clothing company offers customers a protective sleeve for wireless credit cards. Increasingly, these services will now be available for the small business market, too.

This latest package is aimed at companies with 20 or fewer employees. Sam Frymer, founder of personal consulting firm the Awesomeness Institute, points to the time you save sharing information instantly via email, social media, or other electronic documents from no matter where you are.

Add to this eliminating paper from your world completely and you can begin to see the increased efficiency and decreased costs. The study found small businesses most often used apps for activities like scheduling and time management, customer communications, GPS and mapping and accounting and invoicing.

Small businesses can use mobile apps to do their banking too. Check out the latest feature on Jot, a mobile app Chase provides its business customers. There are also apps like Tout and Viddy.

Amy Nedoss, strategic direction and business development leader for OurHelix, takes us through some of the basic differences between these apps and then gives us an overview of what businesses can do with each. One way to accomplish this is to simplify your web design so it is easier to view on a smaller screen like the one on a smartphone.

Another is to create a special mobile version of your site designed specifically with mobile visitors in mind. Instead, this kind of website resizes itself based upon the screen of the device upon which it is being viewed.

In practice, this may be the most versatile solution for the issue of making your site friendly to mobile users. Have we missed something?With the continuous development of technology in business communication comes changed expectations. It’s important to utilize the benefits of having such efficient technologies, but it’s important to manage time so that employees aren’t overworked and too stressed to attain a productive level of output.

Internet marketing, therefore, is about the using the internet in achieving marketing success rather than being about the technology itself. As customers demand more from digital technologies, the . Assignment 4: Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security. The purpose of this assignment is to “evaluate the reasons Social Media Marketing has become exceedingly popular among businesses of .

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Choose from different sets of chapter 4 internet marketing flashcards on Quizlet. Internet Marketing (also known as emarketing, web marketing, or digital marketing) is an all-inclusive term for marketing products and/or services online – and like many all-inclusive terms, internet marketing means different things to different people.

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