Business research methods exam question papers

The correct answer is A. Psychology is based on observable events and the scientific method. Psychologists use theories to help organize a variety of observable events, make sense of them, make predictions about them, and connect them with more comprehensive principles.

Business research methods exam question papers

Possible Exam Questions for MB Qualitative Research Methods Compare and contrast grounded theory, ethnographic interviewing Spradley-styleand cultural domain analysis. How are they similar in their assumptions about a how people think, and b what the goals of research are?

How are they different? You have a hypothesis that firms that are more environmentally sensitive are more profitable.

Business research methods exam question papers

Profitability is easy to measure. Environmental sensitivity is harder to measure. How would you go about measuring the environmental sensitivity of firms using such materials as web pages, press releases, and internal memos.

Be sure to discuss issues of validity, such as the difference between espoused theory and theory-in-use. What are the implications for doing etic qualitative research? Compare and contrast content analysis and grounded theory.

Is coding best described as a measurement i. Suppose a consultant is brought in to see why a project went wrong at an organization. The objective is to learn the truth about what happened in order to guard against a similar failure in the future.

The consultant visits the organization and obtains from management a list of key players in the project. He then interviews these people, and also interviews people that are named by them.

He asks all of them what went wrong. Is etic synonymous with positivist? Is emic by definition not positivist? Is it possible to create an etic model of competitive advantage that applies cross-culturally? Is it possible to apply an emic model of organizational success cross-culturally?

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Suppose someone wants to understand which attributes of entrepreneurs e. Should they collect emic or etic data? Use this as a jumping-off point to provide a general set of guidelines for when to conduct emic versus etic studies. Critically examine how intra-cultural variability is handled in qualitative work.

By intra-cultural variability I mean the variability in perceptions and behaviors among members of a sample group such as a set of nurses in a hospital. How do the ethnographies and grounded theories that emerge from qualitative studies handle the variability? How do cultural domain analyses that purport to describe the structure of a cultural domain e.

In any given organization, there are some qualities of individuals which are rewarded and respected and other qualities that are not.

In other words, there is an understanding — a culture -- of what constitutes good performance. As a consultant, you are charged with interviewing members of the organization and determining what that understanding or culture is.

Business research methods exam question papers

How do you go about it? What kinds of research questions is cultural domain analysis best suited for? Coding is perhaps the most fundamental and universal element in text analysis.

Discuss how coding is used in different kinds of studies, ranging from descriptive work e. Be sure to discuss similarity and differences across these different kinds of studies with respect to: Consider the following statement: You are interested in how musicians in the Boston area perceive the music world around them — the clubs, the bands, the public, the business.

Design a rigorous study to capture these perceptions. This suggests the possibility that both data and methods can be classified in terms of a qualitative vs quantitative dimension, as shown in the table below.A Level Psychology Topic Quiz - Research Methods.

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Three Essential Paper 2. Randall Dunn Page 1 Online Research Methods An Examination of Online Qualitative Research Methods in the Context of a Research Question Goal of paper. The Purpose of the Paper One of the major parts of developing any research paper is defining the research paper question.

This article is a part of the guide. Of all of the steps in the research process, the one that typically takes the most time is The concepts in a hypothesis are stated as _____. _____ uses multiple data collection methods on the same area of interest.

_____ involves the transformation of raw data into numbers to make it suitable for further analysis. Closed-ended questions. MBA II Semester students are attended industrial visit at Ultra Tech Ltd, Tadipatri on 19/07/ Students are observed the maintenance of safety conditions, production operations, packing and dispatching section, functions of the human resource department etc., at Ultra Tech Ltd during their visit.

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