Comparison of india and china economy

Is There Even a Comparison? This has fuelled many newspaper articles in India stating that India is also on the path to replicating the Chinese growth story.

Comparison of india and china economy

These two countries are in touch because of political and business relations. Tensions and aggression are on the boundaries from china side are bound to be continuing. Of course, we all know that today China is well-developed country.

In respect of China, it has 6.

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So in such cases, India has bitten from 1. So here also India is 1. The resource says that these two Asian nations are looked at as main contenders for assuming Super Power.

It seems that many Chinese banks are standing on bankruptcy line and many banks have declared. So this burden can pull down to China in future.

China vs. India - economy comparison

In short just focus on below chart, it shows that where India and China both rival countries are reaching in The two most powerful countries have respectively the largest and second largest militarizes in Asia, as well as the highest and second highest defense budgets.

Being an Indian when some military power chart comes into the picture, Indian get shunned and start thinking that how China before from India, what Chinese have done.

This Tag has published from global civil society. Below comparison chart shows that what ability these two countries are caring with.

Comparison of india and china economy

See these two giant countries how to manage their armed forces broken down by army, navy, air force, Strategic forces and reserve size. Both giant countries had very comparable military spending pattern.

Education Comparison of India and China From the beginning, we all know that India and China these two nation is a big giant country in Asia, When the world finds them in respect of student enrollment also they are in the race by 2.

While both countries Indian and Chinese higher education system is involving to build their better economic system. They have taken a different path and this has shaped their social and economical Tag in a different way.

The respective successes and challenges of the Chinese and Indian education systems offer valuable lessons for both countries and for the rest of the developing world. India has a great future in the manufacturing sector.

Comparison of india and china economy

No country has successfully developed without having resources and that Indians like to think that they are good at math, and information technology and the Internet. Indian manufacturing has been remarkably efficient and productive… back in Hope India overtakes China soon. To become a Super Power country it needs total contribution from its every Indian member with the positive thought process.Economic Comparison of India and China From April to June , India’s GDP grew at per cent, compared with per cent in the same period the year before.

China’s Economy Will Be More Competitive Than India’s For Many Years Despite the attention many Fortune CEOs have paid to India since the election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in. 43 rows · China and India is the two emerging economy of the world.

China and India is 2nd and 9th largest country of the world, respectively in nominal basis. On PPP basis, China is at 1st and India is at 3rd place in A BRIEF COMPARISON BETWEEN INDIA AND CHINA AS EMERGING ECONOMY IN ASIA Mirkazehi Rigi,PH.D in Economics from university of Pune [email protected] This means that even if China grows at the rate of a meager % and India grows at a rate of 7%, the Chinese economy would have added the same amount in output as the Indian economy would have!

Comparing the GDP growth rates of India and China is therefore a pointless exercise. Comparison of the Indian and Chinese economy By Neha Goyal on May 22, China is the fastest growing economy in the world and India is the second fastest.

A comparison of economic development in China and India