Doggy bags

Doggie BagsFood WasteRespect Food Bringing home a doggie bag from restaurants can help reduce food waste and provide a second meal. In fact, this fiction is too prevalent in our society; thefreedictionary. Are we ready to drop the pretense?

Doggy bags

Leftover cuisine[ edit ] A stew prepared from leftovers New dishes made from leftovers are common in world cuisine. People invented many such dishes before refrigeration and reliable airtight containers existed.

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Besides capturing nutrition from otherwise inedible bones, stocks and broths provide a base for leftover scraps too small to be a meal themselves. Casseroles[1] paellafried rice[2] Shepherd pies[3] [4] and pizza can also be used for this purpose, and may even have been invented as a means of reusing leftovers.

Chop suey[ edit ] Far East Chop Suey restaurant in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Chinese cuisine gained a foothold in the United States with the opening of several chop suey restaurants. There is no set history of how American diners became enamored of "chop suey"—which means "assorted pieces" or "miscellaneous leftovers"—although it is unlikely that actual leftovers were served at any chop suey restaurants.

To take the food away, the diner might request a container, or ask a server to be package it.

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Such a container is colloquially called a doggy bag or doggie bag. This most likely derives from the euphemistic pretense that the diner plans to give the food to a petrather than eat it. Some also speculate the name was born during World War II when food shortages encouraged people to limit waste, and also, pet food was scarce.

In some countries, especially in continental Europe, some people would frown upon a diner asking for a doggy bag.With the majority of the box now free, Rasco loaded it with onesies, diapers, doggie bags for dirty diapers and a disposable changing table.

Doggy bags

— Sarah Schreiber, Good Housekeeping, "Parents Everywhere Are Obsessed With This Mom's Genius Diaper Bag Trick," 17 Apr. In , the government.

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Free Shipping On All Orders. A portion of sales will be donated to fight against puppy mills.

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