Expressing your opinion in academic writing

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Expressing your opinion in academic writing

Should abortion be legal or illegal? Are you for or against the death penalty? At what age should a person be allowed to buy and drink alcohol or cigarettes?

Should smoking be allowed in public places? These are issues which people talk about and say their opinions. People also write their opinions. If you look at the "Letters to the Editor" section of any newspaper or magazine, you will find letters from people discussing their points of view. In class, you will often have to defend your opinions.

In this unit, you will learn how to do this. Work with a partner or small group. Read the newspaper story on page several times. Make sure you understand all the words and sentences. Then, look at the grid on page and discuss this question with your partner or group: Should the judge allow Gregory to divorce his parents?

As support, use information from the newspaper story or use information from your own knowledge and experience. Here are some points to discuss: He wants his foster parents,1 George and Lizabeth Russ, to adopt2 him. They say that she abandoned3 him because she sent him to live with relatives and foster parents.

Gregory has lived for many years as a foster child. He says that for many years, his mother sent him no cards, no letters, no Christmas gifts, and no birthday presents. Other people describe Rachel Kingsley as a person who abuses4 drugs and alcohol.

They say that she spent more time partying with male visitors than she spent with Gregory and his two younger Gregory Kingsley brothers. They also say that she sometimes hit the children. Gregory says that she kept marijuana in a brown box in the living room.


He also says, "She stayed out all night and brought her friends home and drank. Kingsley says she tries to be a good mother. Now she has two jobs, and she is living near her parents, who can help her take care of the children.

She thought it would be better for Gregory to live with a foster family while she was having financial problems, but she never wanted him to be away from her and his brothers permanently.

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She says,"I thought that if I worked hard, he would be returned to me. He also says that the rights of a natural family to remain together are stronger than the rights of a foster family. Her father believes that she has learned from her mistakes and should be given a second chance.

YES, the judge should allow Gregory to divorce his mother. NO, the judge should not allow Gregory to divorce his mother.Academic writing typically does not contain elements, such as.

personal language; judgmental words; emotive language; and as a result it is characterised as impersonal and objective. However, academic writing still requires you to develop an argument and express your opinion about issues.

Expressing your opinion in writing involves the use of some different expressions. In informal writing you can use I think and I believe to say what your opinion is.

expressing your opinion in academic writing

Phrases such as in my opinion and in my view can also be used to express your opinions explicitly: I think . Opinion writing in our classroom for the first week focused on state an opinion using academic language. Designing an EAP Syllabus: English Language Support for Further and Higher Education.

A. J. Gillett Henley College Coventry. 1.

expressing your opinion in academic writing

Aims. Many foreign students studying for degrees, BTEC or HND qualifications at British institutions of further or higher education experience problems.

Fall Session I (September 10 - October 22) The Fall Session I will run over six weeks and will offer eleven lecture series, four writing. The academic community can be conservative when it comes to writing styles, but your writing shouldn’t be so boring that people lose interest midway through the first paragraph!

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