Facilitating change in health and social care management

Establish professional standards for the clinic; monitor performance against standards to assure high-quality level of services provided; take appropriate corrective actions. Complete referrals, data collections instruments, and other records or paper work as shall be required from time to time by the organization. Responsible for compliance with all applicable federal, state, local and center rules, regulations, protocols and procedures governing the practice of dentistry and the clinical provision of dental care as well as those relating to, but not limited to, personnel issues, work place safety, public health, and confidentiality. Participate in the development of short range and long range dental service plans and objectives; present recommendations to supervisor and to Board if appropriate.

Facilitating change in health and social care management

By carrying out variation in the management of the organization, improvement in the waiting time of the customers can be carried out.

This will enable doctors to perform treatment of more and more of customers at the given specified time in an effective way. In addition to this, because of the presence of recent changes in the introduction of new technology, improvement in the quality of services can also be brought by the Royal United Hospital Teno and et.

Moreover, by complying with all such type of approaches, Facilitating change in health and social care management in the efficiency of the operation theater can be carried out. The changes which are introduced within Royal United Hospital can help in enhancing the satisfaction of their customers.

This leads to increase in the sales and profitability related condition of firm. In addition to this, service response due to the presence of recent changes can also be seen in the form of increase in the demand of service of the organization. Besides this, there are varied suggestions being recommended to the manager of Royal United Hospital, which is if followed by it at that time this can leads to firm in terms of improving its services in an effective manner Naylor and Appleby, Firstly, it is recommended to the organization that it should have to organize training and development programs for its workers on regular basis.

This is because, through such type of practices only improvement in the knowledge of workers with respect to the new system like robotic surgery can be carried out. This will lead to enhance the satisfaction of the buyers in an effective manner.

Through this way, specific problem area can be identified by the enterprise which requires improvement. As the result of it services given by corporation can be improved in an effective manner.

Overall, it can be said that the given changes which is being introduced in Royal United Hospital tends to causes its positive effect on the working of hospital.

Facilitating change in health and social care management

SECTION C Key principles of change management Change management is the systematic approach with the help of which any kind of variation can be introduced as well as managed within enterprise Change management, For the purpose to carry out any kind of changes within corporation, it is being required by the managers to direct their varied efforts with respect to its management in an effective way.

In this regard, there are various principles of change management identified that can be used by Royal United Hospital with an aim to bring out the identified variation in an enterprise.

These are all enumerated as below: This is because these type of changes inbuilt the fear of job loss among workers.

Facilitating change in health and social care management

However, their resistance can be maintained by the manager of Royal United Hospital through explaining the benefits of proposed changes King and et. Communicating about the given change to each level of employees: By complying with such type of activity, an effective support from all employees with respect to the identified change of the Royal United Hospital can be gained by the manager of organization in an effective way.

This ultimately leads to the successful implementation of the given assessed change within enterprise. For the purpose to carry out the implementation of robotic surgery within hospital it is required by the manager, that they must organize various training and development performance for their employees relating to same.

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If this is not done then the support from the employees cannot be met by them. Besides this, by seeking assistance from the Kurt Lewin Model of Change, implementation with respect to the identified change can be carried out by Royal United Hospital in an effective manner.

This model comprises of three phase with the help of which any kind of change can be implemented within organization Antheunis, Tates and Nieboer, For the purpose of introducing the change relating to the robotic surgery and reduced waiting time of patients unfreezing is being done in this phase.

This can be done by the manager of Royal United Hospital by communicating individuals about the benefits of such variation for them as well as for the organization. In this phase, employees start analyzing the necessity of the given change that Royal United Hospital is planning to introduce.

Here new behavior, value and attitude with respect to the given variation are being adopted by the employees Gili and et. Finally, in this phase employees accept the new change and transform their working in accordance to that only. Besides this, with an aim manage and implement the change occurring within the organization, another principle of change management named as Kotter's model can be used by the firm.

The given model consists of varied type of steps which is being detailed as below: Establishing the sense of urgency: In the first step of implementing the changes, manager of hospital has to direct its efforts in terms of creating the urgency among the workers with respect to the specific change such as introducing robotic surgery within hospital.

The urgency can be created by communicating the workers the necessity of bringing the given type of changes. After creating the urgency with regard to the given change.

In the next phase manager of the organization has to direct its efforts in terms of appointing an effective change leader within the enterprise.


The leader can be of top management officials that has expertise in terms of dealing with the individual during the process of change Pbert, Manager of Royal United Hospital has to create the vision with regard to the given change such as introducing the robotic surgery.Mosaic Family Care exists to provide quality medical services to an otherwise under-served community with compassion and integrity.

Analysis of the Health Care Management and Information System in NHS London. Virender Singh Research Proposal MBA Table of Contents Rationa. Social media campaigns that make a difference: what can public health learn from the corporate sector and other social change marketers?

Becky Freeman, . Brent Turnipseed, MD is a board-certified psychiatrist. As a native Austinite, he offers friendly, compassionate health care for Central Texans.

Thus, licensed and credentialed professionals such as social workers who practice case management as an advanced practice are able to showcase their knowledge and expertise, particularly within the transdisciplinary environment called for in care coordination. Facilitating change in health and social care 1.

SUMMARY Change is the dynamic process where an organisation involves changing community the people.

Facilitating changes that effect health and social care