How a person becomes addicted to drugs

Understanding the Science of Addiction: In the following conversation, he discusses how to determine when someone is addicted to opioids and what factors may put people at greater risk for drug dependency.

How a person becomes addicted to drugs

Depression is a common factor that can cause anorexia.

Pleasure versus desire

Bullying inschool may cause the depression. Struggles at home with family mayalso contribute. Why may a person become addicted to a recreational drug? Part of the answer is a genetic predisposition to addiction. The more subjective part is that if you have something that can make you feel content or satisfied or happy just b…y smoking it or popping a pill or whatever your pleasure, you'll keep doing it because why not make do what makes you happy?

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The real casualty is your life after you've spent each day satisfying yourself with drugs and you someday try to figure out what actually makes you happy. Also because certain substances in the drug lead to you being dependant on it and then leads further on to you being addicted.

Yes, especially if they are opiate based. Addictive personalities play a significant part in how people become slaves to the fix. How does someone to become addicted to drugs? With continued exposure to high levels of many drugs, physical changes take place in the brain that then require the drug in order that the person may remain comfortable.

W…hen the drug is removed, they suffer withdrawal, a set of symptoms that is roughly the opposite of however the drug makes them feel. Since most people take drugs to feel good, the withdrawal is usually pretty bad from their point of view.

That makes it difficult for them to stop, and they may even be convinced that it is impossible. Happens rapidly because the person relies on it more.How Someone Becomes Addicted to Gambling “Addiction is a brain disease – and it matters.

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Understanding that addiction is, at its core, A consequence of fundamental changes in brain function means that a major goal of treatment must be either to reverse or compensate for those brain changes.”.

Drug use is also often thought of as an escape — but becomes so in ways the abuser hadn’t planned on. Just as a compulsive gambler’s hyper-involvement in the betting process blocks out his.

Once a person becomes addicted to a substance, it becomes a lifelong battle to fight against it.. Families and friends who are non-users often do not understand how someone could become addicted to something that is such a hazard to their well being.

To the person who does not use drugs or is not addicted to any drug, these drugs are obviously too dangerous to use, and the non-drug user wonders why anyone would take such risks.

But when a person becomes addicted, the addiction rules and the individual can feel powerless.

Other Factors that Cause Heroin Addiction

Before he prescribes opioid drugs for chronic pain, Reisfield talks to patients about issues that could make them more likely to become addicted. These include: A history of addiction to prescription medicine or illicit drugs. Addiction to alcohol or tobacco.

Family history of addiction. Drug abuse and addiction is less about the type or amount of the substance consumed or the frequency of your drug use, When you become addicted, the substance takes on the same significance as other survival behaviors, such as eating and drinking.

Hide or throw out drugs. Argue with the person when they are high. Use drugs with them.

How a person becomes addicted to drugs
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