Nursing science

Program Vision Statement The progressive Associate Degree nursing program of choice, promoting excellence in an atmosphere of dynamic education to serve the needs of the community.

Nursing science

The knowledge and skills acquired from a baccalaureate education prepare nurses to become managers and administrators, officers in the armed forces or school nurses. Some students develop expert clinical skills in specialized areas of practice such as pediatrics, critical care or psychiatric nursing.

Individuals with a BSN degree have marketable skills that are in tremendous demand worldwide. They have the freedom to work wherever they want and in a variety of settings such as hospitals, clinics, home health care agencies, public health agencies, schools, business corporations or the military.

As the demand for professional nurses continues to grow, salaries will continue to climb. Northern's BSN program requires credits.

Nursing Philosophy

Courses are generally offered in fall and winter semesters with select courses in the summer. An adviser from the School of Nursing will assist you in planning an academic program to complete the required courses. We are a long-established leader in the education of nurses.

Our top-notch faculty have the clinical experience and educational expertise to prepare our students to function as successful professional nurses. Northern's nursing program offers many other benefits: Students enjoy personal attention from faculty because of class size.

Students have access to excellent resources as well as audio-visual and computer equipment. We have a simulated learning lab which provides realistic laboratory experiences.

Northern's program is career oriented. Classroom instruction is strengthened by clinical experience in a variety of community and hospital settings.

Nursing science

Our graduates are highly successful on the NCLEX exam and finish at the top of the state's graduates. Northern provides an exceptional academic program that challenges our students to be the best they can be.

Program Objectives Integrate theoretical and evidence-based knowledge to plan holistic, patient-centered nursing care that promotes wellness and incorporates the rights, unique abilities, beliefs and values of patients. Provide safe, compassionate nursing care to diverse patients throughout the lifespan.

Implement quality of care through effective leadership, management and interdisciplinary collaboration in health care environments. Model behavior that adheres to professional standards of practice and ethical codes.

Plan and participate in professional activities that demonstrate a contribution to the global community, a commitment to service and life-long learning.LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing.

Welcome. The only nursing school in Louisiana within an academic health sciences center. Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science Announces Brilliant New Investigator and Outstanding Nurse Scientists Awardees Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science Elects Councilor of Finance and .

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program is designed for someone who has their Bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field. The ABSN program will be completed in 12 months of intensive nursing theory courses and clinical education. Science nursing, or nursing science is rather difficult to define, as there is not really a single definition for science nursing.

Nursing science

Part of the science of nursing is that nurses must apply a combination of problem solving, explanations, the theories that they learned during their observations, nursing interventions, their nursing care plan and learning plans, and their practice evaluations.

Weber State University Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing. Our vision is to lead the nation in innovative learning environments which incorporate technology, challenge learners, develop educators and transform health care worldwide.

Degree Program Overview. The Nursing Program at Sam Houston State University is on its way to becoming one of the most reputable and state-of-the-art programs in Texas.

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