Renovating home depot

And a little can go a long way when it comes to upgrading your bathroom.

Renovating home depot

They asked me for receipt, which I did not have, and return was denied. Even after calling number, they said I returned too many times.

I decided I was going to trade for vinyl siding. However, when I got to the store I was told the return was "denied" by an outfit called "The Retail Equation". This is the way Home Depot recoups its losses?

On the backs of good customers? There is no telling how much this costs the Home Depot to hire these bullies, and they think they are improving their bottom line?

I have always shopped HD because of their generous return policy, Renovating home depot no more. It will only be an "if I have to" type of purchase. Sounds like a manager dropped the ball with that in the first place, and so now all HD customers have to be ripped off?

They stock a few of the large appliances but most of it is drop-shipped which means you pay Home Depot then they order the appliances from GE, Electro-Lux, etc that's why they say it will be a week before delivery and then the vendor GE, Electro-Lux, etc delivers them to your door.

So if you send it back for refund first they have to get a pickup date from the vendor seems to take a week then another week for the vender to send the truck crew then working days for Home Depot to issue your refund. So I stopped going to Home Depot for anything except what they have on the floor for sale pay and go from now on and went to Appliance Liquidators a Ma and Pa business.

Unlike at Home Depot, I was able to buy items off the floor, scratch and dent and New and the sales reps are professionals who know their stuff. Bought it on Friday and they delivered it on Tuesday took working days.

I have gotten the run around with them for almost 3 years about it. First they don't have my paperwork, next they state they gave me a refund but can't produce the proof and now it's I voided the warranty because I didn't have my carpets professionally cleaned after 1 year.

Constant excuses and terrible customer service!!

Renovating home depot

How many times have I said, or have you said," never again will I shop at Home Depot". Ffor me it's got to be at least five. I go to the Ladera heights store in Los Angeles California.

Really were doing them a favor because if they couldn't sell it they would have to take it to a dump and pay dumping fees. The wood in this van is supposed to be spray-painted on the ends with the color purple it really has also most of the pieces of wood, since they've been cut or broken or whatever don't have the UPC label on them so when you get to the cashier and I tell them that all of the wood is from the bin They look at me and ask "oh are you sure it's from the bin" as if iat 50 it is my main goal in life to go to Home Depot and steal broken wood.

On the rare occasions we can get around this hurdle then they say well I can ring it up because there's no UPC label. Now I know this must happen at least 10 times a day and yet nobody has taken the initiative to solve it.

For example, if I was the manager I would say any wood under 6 feet is a dollar and any wood over 6' is two dollars. Node Home Depot I am available for management positions. Look how quickly I came up with that brilliant solution. Almost every time it ends up with me leaving a pile of wood at the cashiers counter after waiting for them to try to figure out how to sell the world to me.

On one occasion as I was walking out the cashier asked me if I could put the wood back "since I now do not want to buy the word" I told her that in fact I didn't want to buy the wood but they just couldn't figure out how to sell it to me and no I would not put the wood back.

I've also flipped three homes. All tools, gear, appliances, etc. In the mid-'00s I stopped using any of my 3 credit cards almost completely as well as my business and personal debit card.

I refuse to get their credit card. I only pay in cash. Just in the past three years Home Depot has been hacked 3 times, and each time over 50 million people's credit cards and personal info was leaked and found on the dark web for sale. Once they were even warned there was a security breach and they took no action.

I keep all of my receipts and even have a Home Depot folder but occasionally I will misplace one or one of my guys fails to give it to me.

I tried making a return a few months ago and was denied.Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. Publication Date: December 31, This is the case of a leader who came into a hugely successful company only to find out that it. Whatever your budget and whatever your idea, The Home Depot can help you achieve the bathroom remodel that’s perfect for you and your home.

From small updates to a complete renovation, dream big and let our installation . Company Background: The Home Depot, Inc.

(NYSE: HD) Home Depot was founded in by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank.

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These founders envisioned providing one-stop shopping for the “do-it-yourselfer,” and this vision became a reality after working with investment banker Ken Lagone and merchandising expert, Pat Farrah. The Home Depot’s bathroom remodeling contractors are local, licensed, insured, and have undergone a thorough background-screening process before conducting a free in-home consultation.

Flexible Financing We offer a wide range of flexible financing options including The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card issued by Citibank, N.A. and The Home 4/5(K). The final day to drop-off hazardous waste is Thursday, Nov.

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Home Depot's CFO discusses retail strategies for a downturn - Aug. 20,