Research papers on soil and water conservation

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Research papers on soil and water conservation

Dharmasena Field Crops Research and Development Institute, Mahailluppallama Sri Lanka is still and will be for near future considered as a country dependant mainly upon agriculture including plantation sector.

Competitive export and import opportunities among countries have led to maintain the standard levels of quality and steady levels of production at a lower price in all commodities. Further, present agriculture does not show any indication of sustainability as it has ignored the centuries old wisdom of traditional agriculture.

In developing a strategic mechanism to promote an alternative to present agriculture, cognizance must be taken from deep rooted customs and traditions and the time tested agricultural practices to assure the sustainability in the agricultural sector. Most critical issue at present is that the agriculture does not bring a consistent economic gain to the farmer.

Import export policies do not respond effectively to maintain profitability of farming. Farming without adequate concern on conservation of natural resources such as soil and water and environmental protection has led to deterioration of the agricultural resource base in the country and pollution of the environment.

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Government has not paid adequate attention to provide farmers with input and marketing facilities in time. Land resource is utilized for various purposes including agriculture with out considering its suitability, capability and vulnerability to degradation.

Farmers are not much aware of the current trends in agriculture, marketing and technologies. Policy Aspects Need is felt for urgent attention to formulate a firm policy to implement sustainable agricultural production program in the country.

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In policy statements on various sectors of the agriculture following aspects should be included to assure conservation and efficient utilization of soil and water resources.

In irrigated agriculture water losses from reservoirs and canals should be minimized, efficient field water management has to be promoted for increasing the water productivity through crop diversification and with new water saving techniques. In rainfed agriculture the unirrigable land mass of the country should be developed on watershed basis with proper soil and water conservation techniques, put into most suitable land use forms such as agro-forests, perennial orchards, field crop farms, mixed timber plantations, pasture lands etc.

State resources should be mobilized to make these lands productive with sustainable rainfed agriculture to benefit farmers on short, medium and long run.

Organic farming should be encouraged to reduce adverse effects of agro-chemicals and inorganic fertilizer on environment and human health by expanding the organic farming sector, creating awareness in general public for consumption of organic products, generating new technology and certifying products, processing and packaging to earn foreign exchange and gain high price to the farmers.

Integrated farming should be introduced to farmers for optimum use of their resources, year round steady income and effective use of residues.

The policy on integrated farming towards sustainable agriculture should be to improve village level productive farming, discourage artificial products and chemical use, familiarize livestock farming and encourage cottage industries to capture foreign and local market with traditional products.

Sustainable agriculture policy should stress the importance of conserving natural resources land, water, forest, atmosphere etc. All land users for agriculture should be encouraged for sustainable use of natural resources by awareness creation, making resources conservation compulsory, generation of improved technologies, safe and efficient management of rainwater, river, tank and groundwater.

Agriculture should be mechanized in all possible ways to reduce the cost of production and improve the quality of produce but with no harmful effects on natural resources such as wind and water erosion, increased water and soil nutrient losses, air pollution etc.

National policy on agriculture should emphasize the use of indigenous knowledge in agriculture, which ensures preserving and utilizing traditional crops and varieties, resources conservation practices, medicinal plants, cottage industries and agricultural heritage of the country.

Strategies to Achieve Sustainability in Agriculture In implementing what is spelled out in a policy various strategies need to be identified. Following activities need much attention to achieve sustainable agriculture production in Sri Lanka with special reference to soil and water conservation.

Lands potentially suitable for agriculture should be given priority for agricultural production to assure the land resource availability for future expansion of agriculture.

Primary and secondary forest lands should not be exploited for any purpose other 2 than development of forest vegetations.Research paper on soil and water conservation methods.

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Research papers on soil and water conservation

Essay email to a friend enemy phrases for creative writing on. conservation of these resources. Factors affecting farm-level adoption of water and soil conservation practices include such variables as job training and farmers’ perception. original papers, short communications and critical reviews from all fields of science and engineering related to soil and water and their interactions in natural and man-modified landscapes, with a particular focus on agricultural land use.

The scope of International Soil and Water Conservation Research includes research, strategies, and technologies for prediction, prevention, and protection of soil and water resources.

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Cornell university dissertation yearbook archives topic about argument essay verbs interest group essay educational. The Journal of Soil and Water Conservation (JSWC) is a multidisciplinary journal of natural resource conservation research, practice, policy, and perspectives, including peer-reviewed research papers.

Research paper on soil and water conservation fertility