Scope and limitation of computer network

You need to look up QoS quality of service. The scope is the study of everything that pertains to a particularaspect.

Scope and limitation of computer network

Continuing will discard the changes. Resolution This article describes methods that you can use to change the number of IP hosts on any particular subnet. The following three methods are covered: Scope Extension Superscoping Scope Extension If you already have a DHCP scope and the Start Address and End Address do not currently include all addresses for your given subnet, you can increase the number of addresses in the scope by extending the Start Address or End Address in the scope properties.

The following example shows a Class C network with the following settings: The scope you created has the following properties: This is no longer the case if you are running Microsoft Windows NT 4. If your scope already covers the entire range and is fully used, you only have two other options: Both of these options require you to make architectural changes to your network.

Simply changing the DHCP scope parameters does not give you more leases. DHCP runs on top of your network subnet architecture and can hand out addresses however you want.

Always treat the need to expand address ranges as a subnet architecture exercise first and foremost. After you decide which architecture to use, you can configure DHCP to conform to your network design. Resubnetting Resubnetting is the recommended procedure for increasing a DHCP scope when the current scope has entirely consumed the current subnet mask.

However, this method requires you to change all subnet hosts and gateways. If you have an address range that has run out of available host addresses, you may be able to change the subnet mask to include a larger share of host addresses. However, simply changing the subnet mask requires that all routers and other statically assigned computers be reconfigured and all DHCP clients have renewed their lease obtaining the new parameters.


Additionally, the entire DHCP scope or scopes must first be deleted and then re-created using the new subnet mask. The potential for duplicate addresses exists during this period if you do not take steps to prevent leasing addresses that other clients may use.

Scope and limitation of computer network

Despite all of the aforementioned caveats, resubnetting is still the recommended procedure. The resubnetting configuration creates no additional overhead on the subnet routers or gateways, and keeps all hosts on the same broadcast address.

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The following example shows a depleted subnet with the following settings: The following example shows the result if you use the resubnetting option:Wireless Network Limitations – Disadvantages – Drawbacks Wireless network technologies are either ad hoc or can be based on an infrastructure.

Ad hoc wireless network is connected through any specific infrastructure . The scope of our study is for the computer laboratory of the said campus. The study will include Mabini Academy’s network connections and how they work. It is focused on the network management used by the IT staff as a subject for our thesis.

Scope and limitation of computer network

COMPUTER NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR A computer network (the "network") is the connection of at least two or more computers for the purpose of sharing data and resources.

These resources can include printers, Internet access, file sharing, and electronic mail ("e-mail"). Computer technology has certainly transformed our lives in many different ways. From the way we work and communicate with one another to the way we travel and shop, computers are now intricately involved in all aspects of our lives.

Project Scope and Limitation The prototype is intended to produce a 3D Web with combination of audio, video and animation which would contain information about the 3D computer graphics. The target audience for this project would be teens and adults in the age range of 13 to 40 years old.

Usually the limitation is to do with the wires. For example, the concept of attenutation is a biggie that network builders must at all times be considerate off.

What are the limitations of network