Teechers essay

A time when education in poorer areas was appalling and was letting the students down.

Teechers essay

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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Goodber is well known for plays such as Teechers, Bouncers and Shakers.

Teechers is a play inside a play. Most of the plays Goodber writes are for few actors, so each actor has multiple characters to play. His characters are generally stereotyped and are exaggerated in how they act. His main explorative strategies that he uses are direct address and different types of narration.

One main type of narration used is mimed action.


This is used when a character is speaking to the audience, but the other characters in the background or foreground are still moving. Teechers features lots of monologues which gives us Teechers essay into what Salty, Gail and Hobby the 3 main protagonists think of the characters they play.

This is saying that the audience need to pay attention from the very start of the play. Mrs Parry Mrs Parry is the head teacher of the school and is large, loud and a real eccentric. Her character loves Drama and had featured in many plays in the past.

To help us get into her character we took a short monologue from Nixon and applied it to how Mrs Parry would walk, speak, address the audience, and react to her surroundings.

These gestures show what kind of character Mrs Parry is. Mrs Parry is very confident in her self, and her love of the subject drama helps how she can say it.

Mr Basford Mr Basford is the deputy head of the school and is the strictest teacher in the school. He is a typical kid hater and is a nasty piece of work.

I also moved slowly and looking around at my surroundings, asserting my authority over everything in the room and showing that when Mr.

Basford starts speaking or enters a room, he is in total control. Miss Whitham Miss Whitham is a fussy, hopeless teacher, who is desperate to leave the school. She is the exact opposite of Oggy Moxon who is the toughest person in the school; where as Miss Whitham is the hopelessly fastidious yet powerless.

Martha played Miss Whitham very well. When she was walking across the stage, her voice was quiet and sounded nervous. She put a lot of pauses in and shuffled her feet showing that she was nervous about teaching the children. This worked very well as Martha made her character very comical and much more interesting.

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Essays & Papers The techniques and strategies used in ‘Teechers’ by John Godber and my own performance of the text Essay - Paper Example The techniques and strategies used in 'Teechers' by John Godber and my own performance of the text Essay.

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John Godber’s Teechers.

Teechers essay

Practitioner: John Godber/Hull Truck Theatre Company. Chosen skill: Acting. Part played: Salty who plays the parts off ph-vs.com, Oggy Moxon, Teacher B, Deanie. Section 1 – clear and concise evidence of detailed exploration of the chosen practitioner and good level of understanding of their theatrical purpose.

Teechers Characters | Essay Example