The emphasis of hebrew on jesus christs superiority and lordship

AngelsHebrews The writer of Hebrews begins his argument concerning the superiority of Christ to everything by discussing his superiority angels. Why start with the angels? Angels were very popular in Jewish mythology from the second century B. A whole hierarchy of angels was developed along with some theological teachings that were not present in the Old Testament.

The emphasis of hebrew on jesus christs superiority and lordship

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The Christian Walk II. Although He was sinless and always took the victory over temptation, they were real temptations. The temptations proved or demonstrated His true character, that He did not and would not sin.

Although saved from the penalty of sin which is eternal death, he does not seek to be freed from the present power of sin over his life. This is all the more reason to train or disciple new believers, and not stop at simply winning converts.

We are commanded to make disciples of all men. If so, "Without beginning of days" is taken to mean "created before time". I accept another view, that Melchizedek is being a human whose birth and genealogy is not recorded.

The emphasis of hebrew on jesus christs superiority and lordship

This is a significant difference from the Levitical priests who were only chosen from that family line and who kept careful geneological records.

Jesus was not a priest based upon descent from Levi, but was a priest of a different kind and a descendant of Judah. Some interpreters suggest that Melchizedek was taken to heaven without suffering physical death, as was Enoch and Elijah, but this is nowhere stated in the Bible.

The Response of Faith Epilogue 13 Bibliography http: A good, free, study of Hebrews which also has an excellent bibliography. A good, free, modern commentary. A classic commentary for our Reformed friends. Detailed, with several paragraphs per verse, or two to three verses per web page.

New Testament Survey by Merrill Tenney: Highly recommend this book for a good background to the life of Jesus and the New Testament. The first half covers background, what the world was like under Roman rule and what the conditions of the Jews were.

The second half gives background, outline, and introductions to each of the New Testament books including Acts.

Hebrews 1:4

Printed by InterVarsity Press, this is an excellent one-volume resource for understanding the customs and background history, language, and geography behind the verses of the New Testament. It is not an interpretation of the New Testament as are most commentaries, its purpose is to give background information.

I highly recommend this to the serious student of Scripture, who already has a good grasp of the meaning and application of the New Testament.

The emphasis of hebrew on jesus christs superiority and lordship

Although I do not agree totally with their opinions, I have found this to be a fair commentary, also explaining the views of others which the authors do not hold. If you use my notes you will receive some insight as to where the points of disagreement are. Highly recommended as the best short commentary on the market.

Hebrews 1 and Hebrews 2 by J. A popular paperback set written in a conversational tone.

The Lordship of Christ

Explains and applies Hebrews in a devotional manner. Level of reading is High School and Adult. Hebrews by John MacArthur. Appropriate for a mature reader at College reading level.

I highly recommend this one for leading a group study or personal use.It is in Yahweh that salvation will come. In Isaiah , we see a strong emphasis on the sovereignty of God. And in Philippians, this title "LORD" is ascribed to Jesus.

Jesus Christ is Yahweh, the Lord! Is Jesus Christ Lord? Yes! Who declared him Lord?

Why Does Hebrews Start with Angels? | Reading Acts

God, the Father, exalted him and gave him the name "Lord," which is the name of sovereign God. The Lordship of Christ QUESTION: The lordship of Christ - What does it mean? ANSWER: In the Scriptures, Jesus of Nazareth has received many is called the Christ, Son of God, Son of Man, Savior, and Messiah.

Christ's Superiority Over Angels, Part 2 Hebrews Delivered 03/12/ The author begins this great epistle by telling us that God has spoken to us in the person of his son.

Using passages from the Old Testament, the writer of Hebrews described how Jesus, as the eternal son of God, is uniquely superior to the angels. We should be humbled that this supreme being, Jesus Christ, stooped to bear our sins.

The Superiority of Christ. From Series: Fix Our Eyes on Jesus, Volume 1. by Alistair Begg. Hebrews - Superiority of Jesus Background The author of the letter to the Hebrews is not mentioned in the book itself and has been the subject of debate by Biblical scholars.

The Superiority of Christ and His Covenant: A Study of Hebrews Gene TaylorV. The Superiority of Christ as High Priest ( - ) A. The purpose of His priesthood and His fitness for it. ( - ) 1.

The fact of His priesthood. () 2. The office of the priesthood. () 3. Christ’s qualifications for the priesthood. () B.

Hebrews - The Superiority of Christ