Women are better teachers

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Women are better teachers

So the results are in: Women really do make better leaders.

Yes they do.

Here are five reasons. Women listen I think women are born with an innate understanding that God gave us two ears and one mouth on purpose.

Women are better teachers

We really want to hear what the other person has to say and be there for them in their time of need — an excellent quality in a leader. Women collaborate Women have a genuine passion for working with others.


We like to share ideas and come up with solutions that will be effective for everyone involved in the process. Women are accessible Accessibility is not just about being physically available, it is about having an open mind and heart, and psychologists say that women are more adept at being open, likely because of their motherly instinct and desire to provide for others.

This innate compassion means that women are more likely to be supportive of individuals at all levels of their organization, regardless of their rank or title.

Women focus on personal growth Women are readers and learners. We are very open to and interested in finding ways to continuously improve our personal skills. This focus on our development makes us more self-aware, which enables us to have a very strong emotional intelligence, a key trait of successful leaders.

Women motivate Women are natural cheerleaders.

Women are better teachers

The business world needs more women leaders because, quite frankly, we are just better at leading people. With that in mind, I encourage all you women out there to use your natural talents and step up to leadership!

Originally published September Feb 09,  · I am not sexist, but I prefer when men teach because I can understand them better. I can relate to a male teacher more than a female. I find that they can solve problems better, and they are less likely to lose their ph-vs.com: Resolved.

Dec 03,  · Women can handle the stress of a job interview better. The University of Western Ontario found that women handle the stress of a job interview better than men. It was found that women come better prepared by researching on the company and having mock interviews with friends before the final day.

I’ve long believed that women make better leaders than men do, but I’m not sure I ever said it out loud until I was touring to promote my .

Yes they do. Most women make better teachers than some men, But some male teachers are abusive and they are not better than most female teachers, I say japanese women makes better teachers than chinese men and american women makes better teachers than british men, I have to say russian women make better teachers than german men.

This could theoretically impact the quality of male teachers, which, in turn, could be the source of why female students do better when taught by more qualified, female teachers.

A study done at the University of Georgia and Columbia University found that women are better learners—basically, we have a better approach to expanding our minds.

And, according to researchers, women tend to be more attentive, flexible, and organized.

Why Women Make Better Leaders Than Men | Psychology Today